Clean Water – 4 Practical Steps For Home Or Business

Clean water. We all want it, but how do we get it? In this article we provide practical steps towards clean water for your home or business.

While February is perhaps more well-known for buying chocolates or sending greeting cards, at The Water Biz (TWB), we believe every day is a great day to learn more about your water. Clean water is a vital resource for both homes and businesses alike. The need for clean water impacts the water we drink, business, manufacturing, and healthcare. Whether you have identified a legitimate concern or would just like to learn more, below are 4 great steps towards clean water.

4 Practical Steps Toward Clean Water

  1. Know your water source – Public water system, private well
  2. Know what is in your water – Test your water
  3. Contact A Water Professional
  4. Create A Plan – Based on 1 and 2, create a plan which addresses your specific needs and goals.

Know Your Water Source

While it might sound basic, knowing the source of your water is a great first step in providing clean water to any home or business. This little bit of information empowers the occupants with the knowledge necessary to make key decisions in treating their water. A quick and easy way to determine the source is to look at a utility bill. A utility bill will frequently break down the services provided to a home or business.

Another way to determine a water source for a home or business owner would be the property disclosure section of a real estate contract. In many states within the U.S., it is a requirement to disclose whether the property utilizes a public water system or a private well. For renters, the landlord or property management company should be able to answer any questions regarding the water source.

Water Testing – Know What Is In Your Water

After identifying your water source, a great second step is to have it tested. Regardless of the source, it is important to be aware of what is in your water. One of the best ways is to have your water tested. The test results will reveal the areas which require attention.


Public water systems are required to test their water regularly and disclose the results to the public. Often these reports will be posted on the utility website or you can search on the EPA’s Ground Water and Drinking Water website. For those who utilize a public water supply, it is important to understand that water can be contaminated after it leaves the treatment facility. It is not safe to assume water is clean because it comes from a treatment facility. 

Private well owners bear the responsibility of monitoring and treating their water. Testing a well regularly is an important part of ensuring safe water for the occupants of any home or business.

Contact A Water Professional

While it might be tempting to do it yourself, having a trusted expert on your team will prove invaluable. Not only will it simplify the process, but it will also greatly reduce stress and eliminate any buyer’s remorse. By hiring a professional, consumers have access to an expert at every step of the project.

Create A Plan

Knowing the source of your water and water test results are essential tools in creating a plan for any home or business. The next step is to work with a water professional to help you create a plan. At The Water Biz, our technicians will test your water, explain the results, and create a plan to address the needs of your home or business. Our team can provide a variety of solutions along with their recommendations to allow the home or business owner to play an active part in the process.

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